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Oh guys, saya ingat saya tak kena tag. Rupa-rupanya kena. Kewujudan hanoboo is real *lol. So I hope some readers could know me better by reading this. Terima kasih _numigx sebab tag hanoboo. Are you ready to read the whole thing? Ok, let's go.

#1: Explain yourself in one word and why?
Weirdo. I'm so unpredictable. Kawan yang cakaplah. I easily get too happy and sad. They called it bipolar but I don't even know. I guess I'm normal. I don't know why my classmate noticed that. But obviously I'm a werido because whenever I'm giving a new idea to my friends, they always think that I'm out of my mind.

#2: Which do you prefer, English or Malay?
Both. I prefer both languages. Rojak is fine. I would love to be English teacher ke apa walaupun my English tak bagus lol. Pardon of my English ok semua.

#3: What do you love to do in your free time?
I have no free time. All I do is procrastinating HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

#4: Do you like me?
I really really really really really really like you. Itu kata carly ray jepsen. Tapi kata saya, saya sukew awuks. Ew, pardon my language. As long you are a nice person, I like you.

#5: 7 things you do before getting up from bed.
  • Complaining why am I waking up too early/late
  • Pulling my blanket dan tukar posisi yang selesa sebelum meninggalkan katil
  • Kelip kelip mata
  • Jeling tingkap nak tahu dah cerah kat luar ke belum
  • Capai phone tengok pukul berapa
  • Check phone notifications tapi tak buat apa apa
  • Kalau ada masa scroll Instagram atau Twitter sekejap

#6: 3 kinds of people you hate the most
  • Judgemental
  • Busy body
  • Liar
  • Ego (kasi extra sikit lol)

#7: Do you like birthdays and why?
Depends. I like it bcs we all deserve to feel great about ourselves like having birthday party and getting gifts from friends and family. And also, birthdays reminding ourselves that we are getting older, life is getting tougher.

#8: How many people you do remember their birthdays?
Uncountable. Tapi tak ramai. I'm bad at remembering someone's birthday actually :p

#9: What kind of movie do you prefer and why?
I prefer movie like science fiction and romance (sometimes lol). But sometimes I really love action movies too - depends on who's the hero/heroin and the story line. Animation is a yes. If science fiction macam baru baru ni, Victor Frankenstein bcs dia macam berkaitan dengan kita tapi sama ada logik atau tak wujud lansung. You know what I mean hahahah. Romance, I shall say I'm more to cerita Love, Rosie. That's the reason I kind of enjoyed watching it. Kalau action movies like Rush Hour.. Who doesn't like Jackie Chan with Chris Tucker kot? Both of them kelakar gila. Animation movie yang baru baru ni lah yang I suka, Inside Out. It makes me think about how the director could even think this kind of movie lol.

Let's talk about horror kejap. Cerita horror ni tak best. I'm type of ok je cerita horror. Paling sakit hati terkejut je lebih, tapi jalan cerita macam apa sobs bayar ticket wayang bukan murah sekarang dengan nak makan popcorn lagi. Kalau ada part terkejut tercampak popcorn lagi sobs sobs. Tapi selalu yang best cerita horror Thailand memang terbaik.

#10: 10 band names you love the most.
This question is the hardest. I don't have a lot of favourite band. But I listen to most of them hahah. But let me tell you, one of my favourite band ever: Paramore. They are so amazing. Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy *hearts emoji everywhere*

Yes, that's all! And again thank you _numigx sebab tag. Saya kalau bagi jawapan memang kadang-kadang macam tak ingat dunia heheh. Kalaulah exam boleh buat macam ni mesti semua paper boleh dapat A hahahah.

Hello, 10 bloggers that I tagged:          
It's ok kalau taknak jawab hehe but if you do, please let me know on the comment section :D

  1. 5 things that you love about yourself?
  2. A short story about yourself, please?
  3. If you have a chance to go travel, list 3 countries that you would love to visit and why?
  4. Do you like to read? What is your favourite book?
  5. What makes you start blogging?
  6. 3 things that makes you sad and happy?
  7. What type of music that you are listen to?
  8. Top 3 favourite quote?
  9. 4 favourite bloggers?
  10. Describe about your blog less than 10 words.

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  1. yeay..kita dah jawab lah!thanks tag!really appreciate it!hehe

  2. OMG LOVE ROSIEEE IS ONE OF MY FAV TOOO <3 btw procastination is a part of me too. well ... ahahaha

  3. waa..sempat lg bgun tidu nak check instagrm ke twitter, sesuatu yg sy xpernah buat lg ;)

  4. OMG suka gila bacaa.. best! Kelakar.. paramore memang best! Heartss and kisses.. heheheeh tough eh soalan tu? Hahahahaha I thought that senang gila.. rupanya ramai cakap susah... okay okay taknak tnya soalan tu dah..ekekekeke

    1. Hahahah thank you :D Terima kasih sebab tag juga!

  5. love, rosie best movie ever. u better go read that novel. movie dia dh potong part paling best. serius.

    1. Yeke? I ada rasa nak baca novel tu tapi sebab ada lagi 4 atau 5 novel belum baca. Heheh thank you for suggesting :D x

  6. Weirdo is a unique word for awesome. Pizza is heaven.

    1. Hahahah well if only in reality being a weirdo is awesome. Totally agree with you about the pizza ;)

  7. love rosie.. epic kot. bce novel dia lagi legend~ :)

    1. InsyaAllah I will buy the novel soon since everyone suggesting it hahah :D

  8. I think capai phone should be on top instead of why you woke up too early/late hahahah

    1. Ahhhh never thought someone could read this blog post yang dah lama lol (for me lol). Anything these days procrastinate semua bcs of phone.