Coretan 28 November



Hi guys, it has been a while not updating my blog and checking out my chat box. I'm so sorry. I was busy with the photoshoot and stuff. And yes, I was taking photos for my friend's ig shop (@grabemshop) - he will release his new item on 1st December (which everything in process right now).

Plus I supposed to join marathon in UTM today. But sadly the weather ain't good and today in the morning I was taking photos etc and in the afternoon, my sister in-law asked me to accompany her to watch a movie; Victor Frankstein. The movie was okay and sad (for me). Lol nope nope don't ask me how was the movie, don't want to be a spoiler.

And tomorrow, I supposed to go to school and continuing paint the wall for the MPPPU's room. Exhausted. And yet I'm feeling happy lol. On monday, I want to take a rest at home and make a cheesecake (sekali sekala duduk dapur hehe) bcs someone has ordered a cheesecake to my mom. Since my mom is busy, I'm volunteering to help her. Hehe.

On tuesday, I have to go to school again bcs of R&D. I hope that I'm going to finish it in a day - I hate staying on laptop for too long doing assignment, oh pls just no. So here some photos that I took (sorry, I can't post all photos here - follow @grabemshop on instagram if you are interested and wait for the next update hehe)

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