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Hey, it has been a while I have not updating my blog. Happy Eid to all my muslim friends! May all of us have a great Syawal this year and I hope it's still not too late to wish that. Anyway, a few days ago I went balik kampung (not so kampung but it's actually my second home) and took these shots. Finally the result of the photos turned out to be amazing! Not so amazing but I'm happy to see the results.

All the photos were taken at 30"sec f/3.5 2600iso 16mm. Some of my friends asked me how I've taken these photos. The most 3 important things: camera, tripod and a dark place.

1) Camera
  • Any camera that could adjust the focus, exposure, aperture and iso
  • Use the manual focus and set it into infinity
  • Different lens, different settings. You could try my settings or search on google or do your own calculation
2) Tripod
  • You will need steady shots. You don't want to end up with blurry images, right?
  • The cheapest tripod that you could get probably RM80 or less
3) Dark Place
  • Less light pollution (example: out of the town/city)
  • Avoid taking photos with the full moon - much better without the moon actually

I hope these could help. And about the editing. I edited these photos on VSCOCam. I used the E5 filter, contrast +5, sharpen +2. Good luck! Life update: Pretty stressed up with school lol. Anyway have you heard about Sara Dietschy? Check her videos on Youtube and you will fall in love with her personalities xx

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