First post in 2017: Anna's Mini Photoshoot

by - 11:06:00

It has been like forever not updating my blog and I already miss updating blog frequently and blogwalking blog-to-blog (and my blog is still under construction). Anyway, so many things happened in 2016 but the most important is that I’ve completed Form 6 in the last November (yay). I’m still not working – chilling at home and waiting for a call to get a job before starting off degree.

These are some photos that I took while wandering around the place where I live. My friend was literally forced me to take her photo lol.

Model: @archanaa__
Gear: Fujifilm X-M1
Edit: VSCO Cam | B5 | A10

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  1. lawanyaa semua gambarr.. jelous betul lah dgn orang yang reti tangkap gambar ni. jieha minat sgt photography ni tapi tulah tak reti hahahahaa